images Out of the way

Level: Pre-intermediate

Type Of English: General English

In this lesson, students read about a Chinese city that has created a special lane for pedestrians who use their mobile phones while walking. The grammar ...

images Worksheet: Out of the way (General Issues) , Out of the way (American English) (General Issues)

images images Visiting the doctor

Level: Elementary

Type Of English: General English

In this dialogue-aided lesson plan, students learn how to describe a number of typical medical ailments, symptoms and treatments. The lesson includes two ...

images Worksheet: Visiting the doctor (Practical English)

images How to sleep

Level: Upper Intermediate - Advanced

Type Of English: General English

The theme of this lesson is how we sleep. Students watch Jessa Gamble talk about our natural sleep cycles. The worksheet includes several vocabulary and ...

images Worksheet: How to sleep (Video based)

images images Troubleshooting

Level: Intermediate

Type Of English: General English

In this lesson, students learn how to talk about and troubleshoot technical problems. The lesson plan includes a dialogue and a role play in which students ...

images Worksheet: Troubleshooting (Practical English)

images images Technology and inventions

Level: Upper Intermediate - Advanced

Type Of English: General English

In this lesson, students learn how to describe technology and inventions. The worksheet includes plenty of discussion activities as well as a newspaper ...

images Worksheet: Technology and inventions (English vocabulary)

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English mania

The theme of this lesson is education and the global ‘obsession’ with learning English. Students watch Jay Walker explaining why two billion people around the world are trying to learn English. Vocabulary related to manias and obsessions is introduced. After watching the video, students learn a number of terms for describing the British and American education systems and talk about their own countries’ education systems as well as discuss the lesson topic. The worksheet key includes instructions for playing and pausing the video as well as selecting subtitles.

17th July 2012

My students really love these worksheets!!

~ Colette Copperwhite (CEO IE Language Services)