images images Photographs (IELTS Speaking Part 2-3)

Level: Intermediate

Type Of English: General English

This lesson plan is designed to prepare IELTS candidates to talk about photos in Parts 2 and 3 of the IELTS Speaking test.

images Worksheet: Photographs (IELTS Speaking Part 2-3) (Exam preparation)

images Life stages

Level: Pre-intermediate

Type Of English: General English

In this lesson, students learn how to describe the different stages of a person's life from childhood to old age.

images Worksheet: Life stages (English vocabulary)

images Asking questions

Level: Pre-intermediate

Type Of English: General English

Questions can be especially tricky for lowel level learners. This simple lesson plan is designed to build the students' confidence when using question ...

images Worksheet: Asking questions (Grammar practice)

images images Future review

Level: Pre-intermediate

Type Of English: General English

In this video-aided lesson plan, students review the structures going to, will and the present continuous for talking about the future. ...

images Worksheet: Future review (Grammar practice)

images images The body

Level: Elementary

Type Of English: General English

In this lesson, students learn key vocabulary for describing parts of the body, body actions and the five senses. Basic knowledge of the present continuous ...

images Worksheet: The body (Vocabulary and grammar)

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On the run

In this lesson, students read an article about Dean Karnazes, a so-called ‘ultra-marathon runner’ who has run distances of up to 350 miles non-stop. In the grammar exercises, the differences between the gerund and infinitive forms in two-verb structures are studied and practised. At the end of the lesson, students share their reactions to the ultra-marathon lifestyle and talk about other feats of endurance.

26th January 2013

These worksheets are really helpful to me and my students.

~ Sein (ESL teacher)