LEVEL: Elementary

TYPE OF ENGLISH: General English


This lesson introduces students to the past simple forms of regular verbs. The worksheet is based on a text about Michael Jackson and includes a gap-fill exercise and speaking activity on the topic of celebrities before they were famous.

imagesInstructions for teachers (also included in the worksheet key)

Exercise 1: Go through the terms. Have the students translate them if necessary. Elicit examples of performers, successful people and best-selling books/albums.

Exercise 2: Students read the text in preparation for the follow-up grammar exercises. Be prepared to answer questions about vocabulary and check understanding.

Exercise 3: Draw attention to the regular past simple verbs in the text. Ask students to work out the simple rules for forming the past simple of regular verbs.

Be prepared to point out that when a verb ends in a consonant + vowel + consonant, e.g. ‘travel', in British English we double the final consonant when adding an ending such as -ed and -ing ('travelled').

Read out the words and have the students repeat. At this stage, students only need to know that it is easier to pronounce -ed as /d/ after words like ‘live', /t/ after words like ‘watch', etc. Read out the past forms below and have the students put /d/, /t/ or /id/ next to each word.

Exercise 4: Explain what a celebrity is (= a famous person usually in the entertainment business). Go through the verbs, checking understanding. Students can complete the sentences individually and check in pairs.

Exercise 5: Have the students read the dialogue in pairs and work out the rules for forming questions, negative sentences and short answers in the past simple.

Exercise 6: Draw attention to the table. Point out that the past simple forms are the same for each person (I, you, he/she/it, we, you, they).

Exercise 7:Students can form the questions individually and check in pairs. Have students ask and answer the questions about the celebrities. Encourage short and long answers, e.g. 1 - "No, he didn't. He worked as a salesman on the telephone."

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Type: Vocabulary and grammar

Level: Elementary

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