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Provide state-of-the-art comprehensive or supplementary English courses using our popular materials together with a cost-effective multiple Expemo subscription for your students. The benefits for your school include:
  • Phenomenal student progress only possible through a combination of your teaching and the scientifically-proven Expemo review system.
  • An affordable, risk-free alternative to developing your own e-learning platform.
  • Option to integrate the Expemo platform with your school's website and include your school's logo on our materials. Contact us for further details.
  • Free access to our highly popular EFL/ESL worksheets, audio materials and course plans.
  • Video-based lessons for classroom projectors and interactive whiteboards.
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Featured worksheet for teachers

English mania

The theme of this lesson is education and the global ‘obsession’ with learning English. Students watch Jay Walker explaining why two billion people around the world are trying to learn English. Vocabulary related to manias and obsessions is introduced. After watching the video, students learn a number of terms for describing the British and American education systems and talk about their own countries’ education systems as well as discuss the lesson topic. The worksheet key includes instructions for playing and pausing the video as well as selecting subtitles.

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Really a treasure chest for English teachers. Keep up your excellent work.

~ Marjan (teacher)
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